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About Us

About Eastern Costume Company

Eastern  Costume is one of the largest and most respected costume companies in  the country, with a 35-year reputation for building the highest quality  costumes with a focus on authenticity, style and attention to detail.

From complete shows to  individual costuming, Eastern boasts an inventory of more than 40,000  costumes including plots from more than 400 shows, most of which were  handmade by the Eastern Costume team.  We will gladly submit any theatre  company a plot and the prices for the entire show at the company’s  request.  Our prices include cleaning, sizing and altering the costumes.

In  addition to our massive inventory, Eastern will also build costumes or  mascots either from a client’s design or by original design using the  information provided.  If we do not have what you need in stock, we will  build it or we will find it.